The weather in Florida makes it a top vacation choice for many people. With summer highs in the low 90s and winter highs in the low 70s, Florida is a vacation paradise.

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Yet if you research the best Florida vacation destinations, you will continually run into that D-word. You know… Disney. There is nothing wrong with a Disney vacation, but sometimes you want something a little more… grown-up. That’s when you consider a yacht charter, and South Florida is a hot spot for motor and sailing yachts cruising across the blue waters. And on a yacht charter, there are no mice allowed – Mickey Mouse or otherwise yacht rentals in miami florida.

South Florida is home to many popular beach cities, such as Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Key Largo. Miami is more than just a tropical paradise, although it definitely is that. The city is an international destination where chic fashion is developed and celebrities are seen dining, shopping, and clubbing. Fort Lauderdale, otherwise known as the Venice of America, offers plenty of attractions including parks, museums, the beach, and of course, the water. And Key Largo, made famous in a song by Bertie Higgins, is at the top of the Florida Keys chain of islands. The city boasts numerous natural wonders, thrill water rides, and a myriad of art galleries.

The best way to enjoy all of these cities and the attractions they offer is to book a yacht charter in South Florida. A week-long itinerary will allow you to explore the coast, go fishing, and sunbathe.

You will be able to enjoy the five-star restaurants of South Florida or for more privacy, relax on the yacht and be served by the crew’s skilled chef. With a yacht charter, you will be able to discuss the cuisine choices prior to your trip, so you’ll be sure that the chef knows that you’re lactose intolerant and your son refuses to eat onions.

If your children are begging you to go to Disney World, you can still fit that yacht charter into your vacation. Enjoy some time with the kids in the Most Magical Place on Earth and then schedule a day charter on a yacht. These eight-hour mini-vacations are great for fishing trips, sight-seeing, or just relaxing and feeling the rocking of the waves.

Any way you look at it, a South Florida yacht charter is the perfect choice for those interested in vacationing in the warm waters of Florida’s Atlantic Ocean. And you can be assured that there are no mice on board.

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