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I’ve always loved the business of the Everblades and the area of West Virginia. I’ve grown up near Pee Dee, located on the banks of the mighty Smoky Mountain River. My dad served in the military and later worked with the U.S. Forest Service. Everblades realtors, home builders, and construction companies loved working with our family and we got to know each other well. Dad always told me that there were grizzlies down there and he was right – there are plenty!

This is my second time to attend a themed event held at the Everblades with Alliance Global Solutions as the guest vendor. The theme this time is “The Northern Invasion.” There will be presentations, game demos, photo contests, and of course, giveaways. There are also opportunities to pit your own businesses against Alliance’s partners in the real estate, hospitality, education, and technology industries Customer service call center.

It will be a day of fun-filled presentations by some of the best in the business to educate those attending the event. We will answer questions from visitors and show off some of the innovative solutions we have put in place for business owners. The Alliance products and services are helping us succeed in the niches we chose to enter into. In fact, our team is so excited about this event that we are already designing and selling our next product to bring in even more business. Our alliance partners have also agreed to donate a portion of the tournament winnings from the tournament to our charities, so all the hard work our tournament participants have put into their ventures goes to good use.

In the “Nuclear Summer” themed tournament, Alliance Global Solutions will be representing themselves in a counterattack against Team Carbon Copy (TSC). TSC is the sponsor of the game named: Carbon Copy Heroes. We will be showing off some of our real time combat strategies and showing the teams what we are able to do using video streaming. These video streaming combat sessions will use live voice chat, rapid prototyping, and other cutting edge technologies. Our teams have come up with some cool tournament names thus far:

The last thing we are going to reveal about our Alliance Global Solutions team is that all of us are avid gamers. We play games online, talk about games online, and are even good on our favorite team sports team. The tournament is our way of interacting with fans and other gamers and getting our name out there in the gaming world while we grow our business. We look forward to sharing more information about our company and what we are doing with all our loyal fans.

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