With so many choices and so many providers, it may be hard for the average consumer to get a grip on what kind of phone is right for them. Companies are always trying to become more innovative in their phone designs and they are always pushing the limits of technology, but I think these three phones are the best “smart phones” in the market right now. Keep in mind that we are only a few months away from being able to purchase the new iPhone from Apple, which will undoubtedly change the market drastically Realme X7 Max 5G.

How the smartphone is killing the PC | Smartphones | The Guardian

Let’s start with the Samsung Blackjack. In terms of design, this phone comes in a sleek black and sports a soft touch keyboard. When trying to navigate with the key pad, it is slightly cramped and requires a smaller hand to use it effectively. The phone runs Windows Mobile 5 Smart Phone addition which is somewhat of a disappointment because you will not be able to edit any of your Microsoft Office documents, but you can view them. It also comes with Bluetooth 2.0, and is enabled for Cingular music and video. Also, it is 3g enabled so it’s great for on the go streaming movies and it will have faster download speeds. The phone also includes a 1.3 megapixel camera in the back. Right now, it is the slimmest smart phone out there. There are many Samsung Blackjack Accessories one can purchase, including blue tooth headsets made by most companies, extra long battery packs, and micro SD cards for more memory. The Blackjack is available for $199 with a 2 year contract.

Then, there’s the Cingular 8525. One advantage that it has over the Blackjack is that it runs Windows Mobile, Pocket PC Edition. This means that it will be able to manipulate Microsoft office documents. It also includes all the other features of the Samsung and it includes Wi-Fi and it also includes a touch screen. It is heavier and a little thicker, but the features are much better. Cingular 8525 accessories also include everything the Blackjack has to offer. This phone, however, is $399 with a 2 year contract from Cingular so it is a bit pricy.

Lastly, the Blackberry Pearl. It’s called the pearl because it has a ball right in the middle for easy navigation, much like the circular navigation used by ipod. This is the smallest of the smart phones out there, being almost half the length of the 8525. This phone doesn’t have Wi-Fi, or a touch screen but the price is set at a reasonable $199 after 2 year contract. Blackberry Pearl accessories include everything I have already told you about with the addition of a full sized keyboard and audio adapter.

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