How many times a day do you check your phone, use apps, or send a message? According to Time Magazine, Americans check their cell phones on average 8 billion times per day! In advertising, this would be considered an incredible amount of exposure 聊天室. What if your business could get that kind of exposure? It can, if you have an app for your business.

Apps for business are the latest trend and are perhaps even more important than having a website. In today’s America, clients want to get services from businesses anywhere and anytime they want. What better way to offer services than from an app? Clients need only to wake their phones from sleep and touch an app to do anything from hiring an electrician to booking tickets to a show 交友網. It is a two step process.

With a website, clients must wake their phones from sleep, open a browser, search for a web address, navigate to a contact form, and then they can contact an electrician or book tickets to a show. This does not mean that websites are not important. On the contrary, many people go to their computers to hire services as well. It is, in fact, important to offer both to your clients 識女仔方法. That being said, Apps are becoming more and more important in the overall way that Americans operate and go about their daily business. Here are the reasons why, in addition to a website, you should offer to build an app for your clients:

1.) Apps are Convenient

It’s true. Apps are convenient. Have you ever left the house thinking, “Oh no! I forgot to call _____________!” If that business has an app, you could hire “_____________” in the grocery store parking lot. Apps offer the convenience of hiring professionals on the spot. You don’t need to lug around a computer to do it, or look up a phone number. It’s right there on your phone’s home screen providing access at any time.

2.) Apps Generally Use Less Data than Going Online
If you search from your car for a service or someone to hire for something, you are using the internet on your phone. This uses considerably more data than if you were to use an app. This is because it takes a lot longer to find the website you are looking for than if you were to use an app designed for that company.

3.) A Good App Gets to the Point

When it comes to hiring people, a good app gets to the point. It should feature a “Hire” button where the client could pick the date and time for the appointment. At minimum, it should also offer a calendar, a phone number for contacting a live person, and/or a way to order products. KISS (keep it simple stupid) is the word here. If businesses need more in an app, that is fine, as long as it is kept simple. A website, on the other hand, usually has extraneous sections such as “About” and “Portfolio” on it. If the customer already knows about the company, (which they would if they downloaded the app), they wouldn’t need that information. They would just want to get to the point of hiring a person or ordering goods from a company.

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