There are so many benefits associated with using WordPress blogs for your business or personal use. WordPress is an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) designed in PHP and combined with a MySQL or MariaDB database. Features include a simple plugin architecture and robust template system, known as themes in WordPress. The basic concept behind WordPress is that users can manage their web sites through a centralized system of commands. WordPress also includes many useful add-ons that are easy to install and customize.

One of the most popular features of WordPress is its great blogging capabilities. In order to take full advantage of the blogging feature of WordPress, one must have a website. If you are looking to market your products or services through your blog, the best way to do so is to integrate Google Analytics tracking into your WordPress blog. Google’s social advertising tool called Google AdSense is available through many popular web hosting providers. By setting up your blog to include the tracking code, you will be able to monetize your content by displaying ads on your blog.

WordPress has many different types of plug-ins that can be installed to customize its functionality. These plugins can be activated through the settings utility or through the administration panel. Once enabled, plugins will make changes to the editor and configuration options, as well as provide additional features such as image galleries. Some of the most popular plugins for WordPress include:

Google Analytics is the most important plugin that you need to get started with WordPress. It is designed to allow site owners to know how visitors use their websites, what pages they view most frequently, and which keywords are used to access the site. It also enables you to track and search visitors to your site. Google Analytics tracking is a must for beginners, because you will need to continuously measure traffic and do it properly in order to make money from your blog.

The next step is to find and install the Google Analytics plug-in on your blog. The easiest way to do this is to go to the Google web hosting provider where you have your domain registered. Once you have done that, go to the plug-in menu and then click on the installation tab. After you have chosen a location on your server for the plugin, click on the installation tab again, followed by, clicking continue.

You will then be required to enter a user name and password. You will have to confirm these things in order to successfully install the Google Analytics plug-in. Once you have done so, you will be able to start the application and read all the detailed instructions on the screen. For most beginners, this is the stage where the real work starts since there are lots of details to take note of and learn.

With that said, let us move on to the next step on how to make money from your WordPress Blog. That would be to choose your niche or topic. You can choose your own topic based on your knowledge, interests, hobbies and experiences. This will ensure that your blog will become a hit with readers and you will earn more than what you expect or anticipate.

After you have selected a topic or niche, the next step on how to make money from your WordPress Blog is to select a theme or dashboard to customize your blog. There are various available themes that you can choose from. Some are free, while others will require you to pay. If you are starting a brand new blog, then I highly suggest that you go for the free themes as you can always update or change the theme later. However, if you are already running a blog on an established platform such as WordPress, then it makes sense to go for a premium theme.

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