Effective Media Placement is crucial to the survival of any business. Being the life blood of a successful home business, every entrepreneur would value this information on Media Placement to boost his business.

Here are seven tips to media placement that would promote continuous growth of your home business.

1) Press Release- Write a media or press release which informs the media of past, present or future information about an event or project.For example, the launch of your new product or website and the release of a newsletter custom mailer boxes cheap .This is submitted on the Internet where your business get exposure and help you to link back to your website thereby increasing your potential ranking on the search engines.

2) Article Marketing-Writing an article on a topic that relates to your website can bring tons of visitors to your site.Ensure that your article has original quality content to promote you, your business, your product, your organization and should provide useful information to the reader.Use keywords so that the search engine may access your article easily.Provide sufficient information in the resource box to attract reader to your site.This is a very effective media placement technique to add value to your business.

3) Online News Groups-This is a great media placement technique that allows you access to a public forum with continuous online discussion about a particular topic.Join any of the several online news groups and post your comment, press release, article or announcement relative to your website. You can benefit tremendously from having access to a circle of experts on any subject matter. It is an easy means to network with people of similar interest and provides widespread exposure to your business.

4) Email Marketing -Send emails to every one in your address book directing them to your website. Design an appealing headline and provide great content in your email with a convincing call of action. For the best response, messages should be sent in a sequential manner at different time intervals with at least three follow up messages culminating in a final notice. Alternatively, an email campaign with a series of auto responder follow up messages is ideal for changing prospects into customers. The response here is amazing.

5) Business Cards-For your Business Card to be effective, it is best to use a two sided card with business information on one side and a testimonial on the other side. The testimonials can be from successful entrepreneurs or satisfied customers who have derived substantial benefits from your business. People are more interested in knowing whether you can solve their problem and a testimonial can be helpful in this respect. This is a great way to promote to your business.

6) Direct Mail-Send out mailers to highly targeted lists. Structure your message in a captivating manner that your targeted list would be responsive. For example, print a two sided postcard with postage information on one side, such as client address, your address to the top left, your relevant business program headline towards the middle and your contact information towards the lower end of the card. On the reverse side of your postcard simply print details of your business. In addition to your targeted list you can look for a mailing list on a list directory such as Standard Rate and Data Services Guide.This media placement can multiply your profits.

7) Classified Ads-Another media placement to boost your home business is that of posting classified ads. These ads are shorter in length and can be very effective once you have an attention grabbing headline. They can be posted on multiple sites usually arranged by category and state. Your Ad would be viewed by prospects searching via search engines for information relating to your advertised website.These ads are usually no cost or low cost and tracked easily to direct prospects to your site instantly.

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