If you work in a small business, you know how hectic it can be. Every day is different and everyone is responsible for many different tasks at the company. You try to find ways to be more organized, do a thorough job, and save time, so you can get more work done. There’s one easy fix for the person who is responsible for managing employee files – use HR software!

In a small business that does not have a designated human resource manager; personnel management may be dealt with by the general manager, office manager, accountant or bookkeeper, department managers, or all of the above time off manager . They may not know how to set up a personnel file or what to include in it. Once they take the time to find out, they’ll need to find even more time to set up the paper files or multiple spreadsheets needed to store all that employee information. It’s a lot easier, and faster, to follow the examples found in long-standing, reputable HR software.

One example of a task that could save you time when using HR software is managing time-off accruals, such as vacation and sick time. There are lots of small businesses that use a paper form stored in file cabinets to keep track of time-off accruals. They have to take out the paper forms to write in the amount of time off an employee is given at the beginning of the year or on their anniversary date. Then when the employee takes a vacation or sick day, they have to dig through the file cabinets, write in the amount of time taken, and figure out the remaining balance. There are also a lot of companies that use multiple spreadsheets to manage time-off accruals. They have a spreadsheet for each employee and each spreadsheet has tabs for vacation and sick time. These may seem like easy ways to track time-off accruals, but it would be easy to misplace a paper form in the wrong file. It also takes time to search through the file cabinets or list of spreadsheets to find the right one. It would take a really long time to go through all the files and spreadsheets, one by one, to create a report or to see who is already planning to take time off around the holidays and other popular vacation time periods.

Using HR software is easy since all the information is one place and you can quickly find employee information and run reports. You can set up accrual policies that will automatically give an employee the right amount of time-off accruals – even based on the employees’ seniority with the company. Then all that needs to be done is enter the deductions when people actually take time off. The HR software automatically calculates the balance for you. Plus, in only a few seconds you could see a group of employees’ absences in a calendar view, run reports to see a group of employees’ unused balances, or run a report of all the days one particular employee has taken off or called in sick.

HR software is also a nice way to share that information with other people in your company. For example, the department managers can enter the deductions when one of the employees in their department takes time off. The accountant can log into the software to see who has taken time off during the pay period. And, the general manager can log in to see when employees are out of the office. This streamlines the communication process and saves even more time.

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