The Beechman’s Landing on Cedar Point beechland is a favorite among visitors and the locals alike. The entrance is a paved walk with handcrafted stone steps leading up to the front door. The front porch has handrails and an archway and a light fixture atop the roof. It is the largest porch in all of the state. Visitors are always welcomed by an official house manager that greets them at the front door.

A henchman’s landing is where visitors are greeted by a beech man who walks through the front gate leading to the beautiful beechland birdland. There is no one person managing the henchman theater, just two employees. The owner of the служебен домоуправител София keeps the guest posted on what they can expect from the day and gives them directions to all the attractions. The house manager tells mama about what she can expect from day one at her new home, what meals to prepare and when they are to eat. The owner and all employees are very friendly and welcome every visitor into the big room.

This summer house has been decorated for the incoming freshman class and the old timers as well. When someone is asked if they would like something along the lines of “bird watching at sunset,” it is not unusual for them to say, “A lot of things.” It is also not uncommon for someone to say, “I would love to see all those birds up close.” The owner and everyone else seem to understand that it is their responsibility to make sure each and every visitor have a great time while touring the grounds. As stated before there are housekeepers and butlers but everyone seems to get along very well.

The owner’s son, Bobby, said he always gets a good vibe when his mother asks him to do something with her, such as helping out with the cleanup of the pool or cleaning up the front yard. He says, “She’s always very happy to see people coming around and she wants us to do our part as well. I like that part of it because it gives us a chance to meet new people and be a part of their lives. We don’t have house guests very often so it is nice to be able to make new friends. We all come together in a great family atmosphere.”

Being the official house manager is not a bad position to hold. It is one that provides flexibility and allows each member of the family to have a little bit of input. Joannie started out as a maid before being promoted to be the new summer house manager. She has done well and looks forward to the new challenges ahead.

She loves the fresh air and getting out and about. The fresh air seems to invigorate her and get her ready to work. She loves helping people get through their days and making sure they are having the best time possible. She is happy to be a manager and has no plans of quitting.

One of the most important qualities of a summer-house manager is to be friendly. This is another advantage of JoAnne. Her friendly personality comes from growing up on a dairy farm and she has spent her entire life working with people and animals. Being a kid at heart, she is used to getting hugs and kisses and will do the same as a house manager.

Getting busy is the key to a successful summer house manager. Get your name, contact information, website, and pictures out there. Make yourself available to clients and take care of any problems they may have. JoAnne will help you get your name out there and get busy helping other families in your area to get through the summer.

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