The purpose of a topic essay is to inform the reader. Rise B. Axelrod, Charles R. Cooper and “The St. Martin’s Guide to Writing” explain how “successful explanation writing presents information confidently & efficiently, usually with a purpose of educating readers about a subject.” Concept essays are meant to inform, not influence. It is not necessary to take a particular stance on your topic. You should explain all aspects of a controversial topic, not just one side.
Find a subject

You will often be given a topic to write about. You may be able to choose from many topics or come up with your own. Find something that interests and you. You will be more inclined to write about the topic if you are passionate about it. The topics for concept essays tend to be more abstract than those for other essays. You might be asked to write about racism, communication, or wisdom.

Consider what you know about the subject, and then discover what you don’t know. It is your job to educate someone about a topic. After you have completed your research, you can decide how much to use. While you don’t have to include every bit of information, it is important to provide enough detail to allow someone who is not familiar with the topic to comprehend your essay.

Identify the audience for your paper. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Writing Center says that knowing your audience can help you make informed decisions about the content, organization, and support of your argument.

You can organize your ideas by creating an outline. Purdue Online Writing Lab explains the importance of an outline and offers suggestions on how to start (see Resources section). You can organize your ideas to create the overall structure of your paper. It will be easy to see which ideas are similar and should be combined. You will also see which ideas do not work together and should be removed.

The introduction introduces the topic and highlights the key points of the essay. Your thesis statement should also be included in your introduction. A thesis is a sentence that outlines the central idea of your paper. Your thesis helps readers understand your essay’s purpose.
Body Paragraphs

Your thesis should be supported by body paragraphs. Each paragraph should convey one main point. The topic sentence in each paragraph identifies the main point. The paragraph should support the topic sentence. All paragraphs should support your overall thesis.

Your essay’s main idea should be emphasized to the reader. The conclusion summarises the main points of your paper. This should be written in a unique way to avoid repetition.
Editing and revising

After your first draft is complete, you can edit it. You should ensure that your essay is on the topic from beginning to end. You must ensure that the information is organized in a logical manner. Make sure that every paragraph is focused on the central idea. Check for spelling and grammar errors.

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