Russian Nesting Dolls, also known as simply nesting dolls, are the most popular and best known of all Russian souvenirs. A craftsman and painter first created the nesting dolls in the late 19th century in Russia. The Russian word for these wooden dolls is matryoshka らぶどーる . Sets of nesting dolls have become very popular by everyone of all ages. They have become the most popular and best-known Russian toy that has become a great collectible item for many years. Nesting dolls are small wooden figures that are cylindrical in shape. The dolls design when pulled apart will have a smaller but similar design inside. There will usually be five or more dolls inside, all being smaller than the last. A nesting doll can be designed from anything from particular theme. It can be anything from athletics to folk history. These dolls can easily fit into any decor. They can be displayed on a shelf, table or even highlighted on a piano with a piano lamp.

As 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics Games came to a close. I was watching the beauty of the opening and closing ceremony and I began thinking about how it would be nice to see the many Chinese volunteers be remembered as nesting dolls. The beauty of the opening ceremony will be remembered as one of the biggest and best ever. It would be hard to single out only a few of the performers to create the nesting dolls for but the artist I think they could easily pick a few and make great dolls. The largest doll should be the dancers for all their beauty and grace. The next should be the drummers for all of their great musical talent. Another one should represent all of the acrobats that seem to make us think that they were able to defy gravity and fly.

If you were going to make a set of nesting dolls for a team sport you can look no further than the USA gold medal men’s basketball team being a great representation of the games. It would be easy to make the centers and power forwards the larger nesting dolls and the point and shooting guards as the smaller dolls. With the team having an average height of 6’7″ it would hard to pick which one would be the smaller dolls.

If any one person would be remembered for the 2008 Beijing Olympics it would have to be 8 time gold medal swimmer Michael Phelps. Michael Phelps won the most gold medals at a single Olympics. He also won with class and style. A different nesting doll could represent each of the different gold medal races, each showing the events and times on the back of doll. Another idea could the different designs of the swim suits that he and the swim team wore.

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