I wake I the morning feeling snug and warm, a feeling of safety and comfort is gained from knowing that I am lying under a duvet cover emblazoned in my favourite football team, my head has firmly pressed an 8 hour groove into the matching pillow cases of said football team xem bong da truc tiep. As much as I want to stay there all morning as I can feel the crisp cold air of the outside world waiting for me, I can’t. My alarm has sounded and another working day looms long, a weight on my shoulders that will not rise until 5 o clock in the evening.

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Begrudgingly I drag myself into the shower and begin to scrub my face with a flannel that contains the logo of my favourite football team before I apply shaving foam to my grizzly face and grab my razor which too contains a small club crest of my favourite team. All washed up and feeling fresh I dry myself using a towel that shows my support for my favourite football team with the clubs name horizontally placed along the top and a background image of the club stadium full of fans, every use of this towel prompts me to wonder whether somewhere in that picture is me, supporting my team, How accurate would I have to zoom to examine every face, detailing every emotion known to the game of football, in fact known to life itself whilst searching for my own familiar face. Once dry I apply toothpaste to the toothbrush I purchased on-line, it is special to me as it is another item in my possession that shows the world, or rather my teeth that I am loyal to my local football team.

Breakfast for me consists of cereal in my favourite bowl. The bowl was bought for me by my nephew last Christmas, unsurprisingly it is labelled as my favourite football team and contains images of my hero’s in action, I see our towering central defender rising for a header and our young centre forward racing onto a through ball with each mouthful I take.

Shortly after my morning meal I arrive at my office where the thought of a days graft is made that little bit more bearable wit the site of the decorative nature of my desk. On the nearest wall is a calendar, each month containing one of my teams footballing hero’s, this month, March, show the goalkeeper in full flight to make a top corner save, it would have been a certain goal. My computer mouse rests on a mouse mat I purchased from my regular on line supplier of football gifts. Just as the day is improving a colleague makes me a cup of tea from my mug, need I tell you the theme of my mug? Well no I don’t but I will, it is a mug of my favourite football team celebrating our recent cup final success, great memories with every sip of tea, it definitely improves the taste of the brew.

One of the best gifts you can get a football supporter is the latest strip of the club that they support so for example if the support Arsenal then you would want to either buy the an Arsenal shirt or go all the way and buy them the full Arsenal kit. This is probably the number one gift you could get them and the fact is there are many good deals online for official football strips.

Depending on your budget you could either get someone a football match ticket for the team that they support or you could also look at getting them a season ticket for the team they support. This would be very expensive so you would have to have quite a high gift budget to be able to get them a season ticket. So if they support Arsenal then you would buy them an Arsenal match ticket or an Arsenal season ticket.

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