Every smoker who wants to quit the habit has a personal reason which may be different from that of another. If you are eager to overcome this bad habit, you have to stick to one good reason that will encourage you to quit. Regardless of the personal intent why you now chose not to smoke, you have to ensure that this will assist you over your cravings for cigarettes. You should find the best reasons to quit smoking.

Over a million people die in China every year due to smoking: Report |  Business Standard News

There are lots of positive reasons to quit smoking Muha Meds . If you are looking for a suitable reason for you which can help you stop the habit, rest assured that you will find one. Are you interested to know the valid reasons to overcome smoking?

1. Quitting smoking will help you save money – can you imagine how much you spend for cigarettes per month? If you smoke often, probably you spend 200 to 400 dollars for it. You have to realize that spending your money for cigarettes is like throwing your money to trash. Thus, stopping smoking is one good way for you to save cash and it is one of the most commonly used reasons to quit smoking.

2. Quitting smoking reduces nasal concerns – smoking can cause irritation and it promotes nasal drainage. Based on studies and researches made in relation to smoking, the scientists have learned that this habit can increase the possibilities for a person to acquire sinus infections. If you love yourself, this example of the reasons to quit smoking would be the suitable one for you.

3. Smoking can cause an unpleasant odor – smokers like you cannot identify the smell of burned cigarettes but those people who do not smoke do. After smoking, you can mask the foul smell of cigarettes by spraying your favorite perfume. On the other hand, if you smoke once again, you will also smell like an ashtray all over again. So if you want to look and smell good, you have to quit smoking. This example of reasons to quit smoking might be the ideal one for you.

4. Quitting smoking will help you stay healthy – smokers are very prone to certain diseases like lung cancer. If you are afraid to get sick and you want to live longer, then you should stop smoking. This reason is one of the most encouraging reasons to stop smoking so most people who are willing to quit this bad habit realized the importance of it towards their lives. Learning how to go by each day without having to smoke at all will help you improve the quality of your life.

Smoking has been banned at all public places since 2007 and yet research shows at least 15% of the population does not follow the anti smoking norms. Visual aids in public places like international no smoking signs and smoke free zones have been used. Though these have been successful in controlling public smoking, a lot has to be achieved in terms of awareness of legal norms and environmental responsibilities as good citizens. Whether you are an employer, employee, student representative at a university or an independent artist; there is always some steps you can take to enforce no smoking regulations.

As an employer, you will be in a position to influence the activities of your employees. Apart from following the government norms of using the 28cm x 14.25 cm international no smoking signs at your office entrance and important spaces like the boardroom or lunchroom, you have to make your employees aware about the penalties of smoking in no smoking areas.

There is a government fine of thirty pounds if somebody is caught smoking in a public office, the fine may extend to two hundred pounds if the person is prosecuted for smoking. Circulate this information amongst all your employees, send a group mail or put it up on the office bulletin board. Make sure all this is strictly enforced in your office.

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